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Pricing that makes sense

Because understanding how much it will cost should be the easy part

What does a price range means?

You’ll see a price range online as some of our stores include essential services in their final prices. For example, some stores include installation in the cost of the flooring, as opposed to it being quoted as an extra.

The best way to check what’s included is to ask in-store.

Is the price per-square-metre the final price?

To help you estimate how much your new floor will cost, we provide you with a per-square-metre price.

But unfortunately, you can’t buy flooring in metres squared only! Our flooring comes to us in broadloom metres (carpet) or cartons (hard flooring), so the final cost for your home will be calculated on these metrics.

So how much will be my Carpet cost?

The cost of your carpet will depend on which option you select:

Product only Fully Installed Fully Inclusive
Just carpet Carpet + Underlay + Installation Preparation + Carpet + High Quality Underlay + Installation
Here, you buy just the carpet itself, with approximate pricing offered per square metre. If you choose this option, we’ll complete the installation for you plus lay underlay - a necessity for all new carpets. We’ll take complete care of you with this fully inclusive option where we remove old carpets, lay underlay and complete installation.

How much will my Hard Floor cost?

The cost of your carpet will depend on which option you select:

Product only Extras
Just flooring Extras
All of our hard floors are priced per square metre. The product-only price includes just the flooring.

In addition to the product, we offer services such as installation (including moving furniture, removing and disposing of old flooring and borders and trims), as well as stair accessories.

Your local store will let you know whether their prices include extras. If they don’t, they can be purchased separately.

Why are some flooring types more expensive than others?

Additional services aside, we price our products based on the quality. That’s why products that are made out of harder-to-source materials (for example, natural versus engineered) are more expensive.