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Why is underlay so important when choosing new carpet?

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It’s interesting that underlay is usually the secondary consideration when choosing carpet when really underlay plays such an important part in how long carpet will stay looking and feeling brand new for years to come.

Apart from the extra comfort it gives, underlay also provides insulation against cold bare floors, adds extra noise absorption and can assist in minimising indentations marks from furniture. Lastly and more importantly underlay can SAVE you money! Underlay can help reduce significant heat loss, therefore keeping your energy bills to a minimum and keeping the home warmer.

Foam and Rubber are the main underlay options available that come in various qualities, from entry level to premium underlays that differ in levels of thickness, density, budget and lifestyle considerations.

So remember, when investing in carpet next time treat your underlay decision as important as your carpet choice as it is the underlay that will make your carpet looking great for years to come.

Read more about carpet underlay or visit your local Choices Flooring store for more information and advice on the best underlay to suit your home.

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