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The Best Low-Maintenance Flooring for Rentals and Holiday Homes

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If you’re fortunate enough to own an investment property or holiday home, then one of the inevitable questions will be; what do I put on the floor?

Whether you have long-term tenants or those letting your home for shorter periods of time over the summer, floor durability and stain resistance is pretty important. But of course, like every other material that goes into your home... you want it to look good too!

So let’s explore the best options for the floors in your rental or holiday home, that you can entrust strangers to look after with ease.

Soft Flooring

My pick for soft flooring is solution dyed nylon carpet. The reason I veer toward this one for a rental property or holiday home is that firstly... it’s at a good price point. The other great thing about this type of carpet is that it’s really easy to clean.

A spill in a rental of holiday home is inevitable, but all it takes to clean up the mess on a solution dyed nylon carpet is blotting with a cloth and cold water. If the spill is hot (like coffee) then it might require warm water after first attempting a cold water removal. But for the most part, a cloth and splash of cool H2O is all you need to get the carpet looking new again.

The other benefit of a solution dyed nylon is that it looks and feels amazing underfoot, and the colour options are ample. If you’re eager to explore the range of solution dyed nylon from Choices Flooring, click here.

Hard Flooring

Outside of bedrooms, you’ll need to look toward heavy-duty hard flooring for the kitchen and other living zones in your rental property or holiday home.

Tiles are an option for bathrooms and laundries, but I can’t go past a luxury vinyl for the main living zones; it’s budget-friendly and super low-maintenance.

The reason I like a luxury vinyl is because all it takes to keep on top of it a gentle sweep or vacuum. When it comes to mopping, you just add an approved cleaner to a bucket of water and you’re good to go.

Luxury vinyl won’t fade the way some other hard flooring products may and there is no need to re-coat. In comparing it to timber for a rental home, luxury vinyl wins hand down too, because timber will require sanding and re-coating over time to maintain its appearance. Luxury vinyl won’t.

To explore the luxury vinyl options from Choices Flooring, click here or for ways on how to keep you current flooring clean, view our Care and Maintenance Guide.

So there you have it; the best two types of flooring for a rental or holiday home, that’ll keep your tenants happy and your bank account smiling too!

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