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Plantino Collection: Why Your Home is Better With it

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Think wood flooring and you immediately conjure images of timeless, warm and cosy interiors. Today, thanks to the umpteen variations in texture and finishing, especially with alternatives like laminates and engineered hardwood, it’s easy to get the wooden look in practically every style of interior. Laminates and engineered hardwood floors are also extremely durable and easy to maintain, doing away with the overall hassle of constant floor upkeep.

So, if you’re in the market for wood flooring solutions for your home, we’ve got a few recommendations from our stylish Plantino Collection, that you’re going to love.

Plantino Native Landmark, Spotted Gum

Rich and dark wood tones in your flooring work well when pairing with a warmer colour palette in your indoor décor. The textured Plantino Native Landmark flooring, for instance, makes for a stunning addition to both living areas and bedrooms. In bedrooms, the dark flooring works to create a rustic and lived-in feel. Replicate the grain of the floor by using textured accessories like rugs and throws.


Plantino Engineered Oak Regal, Black Forest

Engineered wood is the closest thing to natural hardwood with the added benefit of easy maintenance, especially for busy families with pets. For those of you looking to lend character to your indoor spaces, the Plantino Engineered Oak Regal delivers on point. This hard-wearing, eco-friendly floor replicates the natural beauty of timber to create an ambience that spells modern chic to a T.

Plantino Native Herringbone, Blackbutt

Light timber tones in your flooring can instantly elevate your ambience lending it more luminosity and sophistication. Not only will your spaces appear larger and more relaxed, but it will also form a refreshing backdrop for using bright colours indoors. Bring the look home with Plantino Native Herringbone. With its luscious long lines and light tones, this one’s my favourite for this year. To make the most of this versatile flooring add oodles of texture in your decor, think deep pile rugs, patterned fabrics, velvet cushions and knitted throws. Get the look the today.


Plantino Laminate Endurance, Frosted Grey Oak

Emulating the texture and design of timber, this versatile laminate flooring lends character and charm to large and open-plan living areas. Smaller spaces can also benefit from an appearance that spells comfy and cosy. Thanks to a high-density core, the flooring provides stability and impact resistance, making it ideal for withstanding high foot traffic.

Plantino Laminate Aqua, Supreme Oak

The Whistler comes with wide board widths and long planks in a range of versatile wood tones. With a tough protective layer on top, the flooring is resistant to scratching and staining and thus well-suited for busy lifestyles, especially when you have toddlers or growing children at home.

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