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Neutral Interiors Design Inspiration

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Neutral interiors can create a calm and tranquil vibe at home, where natural light bounces around the room and fills the space with effortless elegance and warmth.

Today, homeowners are gearing towards neutral colour schemes as they offer a classic and timeless feel, evoking a sense of space and creating the perfect blank canvas to build upon. There are many ways to create neutral interiors, a lot of designers use several shades within the same hue and mix finishes to create visual interest.

If your neutral look feels a little lack lustre, you may be overlooking basic interior design principles such as scale, balance, and texture. Often an afterthought, Texture is one of the most important elements of interior design, a room without texture can often feel shallow and two-dimensional.

The easiest way to inject texture and warmth into your space is by rolling out a rug. In this article, we explore rug options that can rejuvenate your abode for winter.



White rugs

A neutral palette plays with natural light, a hot commodity in modern homes. White is luminous and can create a sense of space or add highlights to a neutral setting. A white rug is a simple solution to open up dark and boxy rooms, making the area feel brighter and airier. 

Inspired by the modern Scandinavian look, white rugs bring a sense of elegance and calm to any space.
Check out the Inge Ivory/Brown Rug

Cool Rugs

If your home takes on a more cleansing colour scheme with accents of sea mist and sage, you may opt for a cool-toned rug. Often associated with feelings of peace, cool rugs may be the perfect solution to tie together your calm-inspired neutral look.
Check out the Everly Pale Blue Rug

Shag Rugs

Shag rugs add a lot of texture to a space, creating a sense of balance within neutral interiors.
A shag rug is a sumptuous addition to areas such as the bedroom, where there is less foot traffic.
Comfortable and luxurious, shag rugs create a welcoming and warming environment that will have you kicking your shoes off.
Check out the Carmen White/Multi Rug 

Natural Rugs

Effortless and organic, natural rugs are a dreamy addition to your neutral décor.

A big natural rug can instantly warm up a whitewashed living room or bedroom, creating an earthy look. Contrast linen couches with a natural jute or sisal rug, perfect for high traffic areas such as the living room.

Check out the Bjorn Ivory/Charcoal Rug

Tip: Colours with lower values can make texture seem less prominent but can open up a room and make it feel spacious and comfortable. Light, earthy tones and neutral shades set a room’s tone perfectly.

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