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Make your home your happy place

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Does walking through the door at the end of the day leave you feeling flat and uninspired? Is your lounge room lacking lustre? Then it might be time for a 
mood-boosting interior makeover.

The simple fact is your interior décor choices influence your mood. There’s even a whole new professional field for this concept called neuroarchitecture. It examines how colour, light, space and the layout of your room can affect your physical and psychological wellbeing. 

One of the biggest considerations when designing a space is colour and the decisions you make can influence your mood in more ways than you think. Colour has the power to invigorate, to calm, to boost creativity and can even stimulate the appetite. Choosing the right colour is crucial to setting the tone and purpose of a room. 

Many people would be aware of the calming influences of blue, that green naturally imbues a room with feelings of growth and renewal and that yellow is associated with happiness and warmth. So how does this relate to flooring where the choices are far more nuanced?


This shade says natural, easy-going and inviting. A beige or cream carpet, or pale flooring can create a bright and welcoming vibe. Choosing natural materials, such as a timber flooring or wool carpet, will only increase that feeling of natural beauty.

The benefits of natural light in the home are numerous and well documented. Touted to increase focus, boost immunity and even lower blood pressure. Sunlight causes our brains to produce serotonin, a hormone known to improve mood.



Grey is modern, understated and gives a feeling of effortless cool. Don't buy into the idea that grey is 'drab' - grey provides the perfect base to be adventurous in other aspects of your décor. Grey is timeless, calming and can match with anything.



Dark tones are powerful, sophisticated, bold and best used in moderation - as a grounding agent to balance lighter colours or to add contrast. Dark colours tend to make a room feel smaller, however when used appropriately, can add cosiness.



While red isn't the most common flooring colour there are many native timbers with strong red tones that can still influence the mood in your home. Red is a powerful colour, one which can make a person's heart rate accelerate and their appetite increase! Perhaps a splash of red in the dining room will encourage the kids to eat their veggies!



Brown provides a neutral colour that can feel very grounding as it's associated in the mind with wood, organics and stability. Brown can add depth and warmth.

At the end of the day, the best way to make your house a home is to surround yourself with the things you love. Personalise with family photographs, holiday souvenirs, art pieces you love and the décor you like the most.


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