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Make your Entrance your Runway

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Your entryway is your home’s first opportunity to make a good impression. At least once guests are inside, anyway. To make sure your entryway is a design destination in its own right, there are a few things you should think about doing in this zone.

Often a forgotten area in your home, today we’re putting entryways back on the map. Because when done right, you’ll have created a space people will actually want to hang out in.

The Flooring is Key

Imagine walking in your front door and hitting carpet right away. No thank you! Now imagine walking in on some gorgeous flooring like Plantino Engineered Oak.

I love the click clack of shoes on hard flooring, so even if timber isn’t your thing, veer toward a laminate or a tile at the very least (I love a Glossy Eclipse White tile for an entryway). It’ll also be far easier to clean when muddy feet come inside.

Hard flooring can be easily warmed up by putting a small round rug or runner down. This is the first important layer in making the entryway a real design moment.

Furniture Choices come Next

With the flooring down, the next logical step is to consider what furniture you’ll put in your entryway. You’ll be guided by how big your entryway is, of course, but as a general rule I always advise that the furniture be practical and not just pretty.

Maybe you have space for a bench seat with built-in shoe storage. Perhaps a entry or hall table that can house all of your mail, keys, and other daily essentials. A mirror above a hall table is a great example of form meeting function (you’ll use it daily and it also looks stunning).

If you’re tight on space in this area and can’t fit furniture on the floor, consider floating shelves, a coat rack or decorative hooks. Look for ways to give this space purpose. It’ll make a big difference.

Lighting the Space

There’s nothing nicer than walking into a home and instantly seeing some gorgeous lighting. In an entryway, think beyond a lamp on a hall table and consider wall sconces or pendant lights They can make the space feel moody and inviting - and are a great idea if you’re tight on space.

Artwork can do all the Work

If you can’t fit anything on the floor of your entryway, consider oversized art for the wall. It can do all of the work for you in making the entrance a grand design moment, and can set the tone for the rest of your home’s design. Really go all out here and pick a piece that takes up the majority of the wall. The impact will be amazing.

Don’t Forget the Front Door

Last but not least, don’t forget the design magic you can make when you replace or revamp your current door.

You don’t have to settle for the door your home came with, or the one you’ve had for years. You can easily paint your front door (without even taking it off its hinges), or replace it for something that feels more contemporary.

Coloured front doors are so popular right now and can make such a statement as you approach the home. When the door is open, it can provide a really nice pop of colour in your entryway and speak to other design elements in this zone, like tones in your artwork.

Go on, get creative!

Whatever size your entryway is, you can make it your own runway, design moment, formal foyer or space to stop and smell the flowers (literally!). The key here is to experiment with different ideas and create a zone that makes you (and guests) feel wowed when you walk inside.

Good luck!

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