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Flooring for a healthy home

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Your home is a sanctuary, a space where memories are created, peace is found and well-being thrives. To ensure a healthy living environment, every aspect of your living space is important. Although we emphasise on clean air, natural lighting and eco-friendly materials, flooring is also a crucial element. At Choices Flooring, we have a comprehensive range of options that are suitable for even the most sensitive of family members. 

Family Friendly Flooring:

The ultimate solution for busy family homes would be a rigid flooring. You can say goodbye to the stress of dealing with spills and messes as they are water-proof. It is wet and steam mop friendly, making cleaning a breeze! You’ll love its silica-free and industrial chemical free composition, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your loved ones. And with its antibacterial properties, you can rest assured that your home is protected against harmful bacteria. Abode Grande is FloorScore certified -  the most recognised indoor air quality certification for flooring, making it suitable for sensitive individuals.
Other ranges from Abode are equally great and are water-proof. Checkout  Abode Alpha, Abode Coastal, Abode Grace, Abode Prime and Abode Noble


A perfect package:

Brease carpet and Dunlop Comfort Choice underlay have been scientifically treated to prevent common nasties like the growth of bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi - proven to alleviate any asthma and allergy triggers commonly associated with carpet. Brease carpet also has self-renewing, odour destroying properties that help improve air quality and guarantee fresh smelling carpet for years to come.


All natural with Wool:

There is no denying that the more natural a fibre is, the healthier it is.
Wool carpets are no exception. As one of the purest of carpets available straight from the sheep’s back to the floor, wool carpets are as natural in look, as they are in colour – and with limited treatments added.
Available in chunky loops, plush and traditional twist styles, view our stunning wool carpet range at your local Choices Flooring store.

Just right with Jute

Jute rugs are 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and one of the most environmentally friendly rugs as they are made of dried plant fibres. They have an inherent natural beauty for any space in the home and they exude a natural and textural appearance while also being surprisingly soft.


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