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Choices for Sensitive Style

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Around 10% of the Australian and New Zealand population suffers from asthma.  So, when choosing the best flooring to minimise the chance of pet hair, pollen and other allergens lingering does not mean you have to sacrifice style in your interior scheme.  Choices Flooring has an extensive range of exclusive asthma friendly carpets that are approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia and Asthma Foundation of New Zealand.

The selection of flooring in your new or renovated home is really important and making the best decision is worth taking time – Choices Flooring has an extensive selection of uber-chic flooring that suits asthmatics. Unlike choosing a sofa that you fall out of love with, or a slightly wrong paint colour or artwork, changing the floor once it is in is quite a bit trickier so take your time perusing Choices Flooring’s vast selection when you first start planning.

Personally, I love classic timeless looks – pale almost raw oak boards and charcoal carpets teamed with white walls and a selection of antique and contemporary furniture pieces, indoor trees in over scale pots or baskets and carefully curated art and objects. Add your favourite people, entertaining banter, a great soundtrack, and delicious food and that’s what makes a home sanctuary that you want to spend time in. And we all know that in these unpredictable times we are spending more time at home and really focusing on getting our interiors right.


Apart from carpets, there are a variety of hard floors which is a perfect choice for households that have an asthmatic. With so many fabulous, good looking hardwood floor styles to choose from it is easy to ensure you are doing the best thing for your household and ensure your interior is what you want – whether it’s a classic or Hamptons style, modern contemporary, industrial or mid-century modern Choices have myriad styles to suit.
Tanya Buchanan
Editor in Chief
Australian House & Garden

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