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Choices for Natural Style

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Last year, with the impact of the COVID pandemic, our homes became more important than ever. It’s called a ‘cocoon effect’ where comfort and health have become the major priorities in creating a safe haven for our families. So the materials we choose to put in our homes now need to reflect that as well.
Natural flooring is the absolute basis of creating a clean, calm environment, the starting point for creating your perfect space. And the authenticity of natural materials really resonates right now.
The design world’s increasing consciousness means architects and designers are taking a more holistic approach to interiors and construction – and that definitely includes flooring. And the benefits are more than just ethical – these natural materials are practical and long lasting, but most importantly, beautiful.
The luxury of natural materials is more accessible than ever before and the choice is growing.
Of course, the go-to natural material is always going to be timber, but 100% wool carpets, work beautifully with neutral, textured interiors.

It also gives you the opportunity to create interest using dynamic weaves - like a herringbone or a stripe - which can be layered with contrasting natural rugs in similar materials but different patterns.
All of these layered textures offer a considered, tonal effect, built from natural shades and tones which help create a calm and comforting space. And that’s more than just a mere trend, it’s a commitment to style and authenticity.
Being eco-friendly and ethically produced is also part of the appeal of natural flooring, and manufacturers are looking for ways to make production even more sustainable – focusing on things like water use, recycled materials and ethical farming so that that the product becomes cleaner where possible.
So, if you could choose natural materials that are both beautiful and durable - why wouldn’t you?

Eliza O’Hare
Editor in Chief
Inside Out

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