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Upload your photos

Step 1
Upload a photo of your room to see it with Choices Flooring products.

Step 2
Once you have uploaded your photo, you will be given a unique code to save.

Step 3
Find your closest Choices Flooring store that has an Inspiration Station.

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Upload a photo of the room you would like to transform.
Make sure it is:

- A high quality landscape photo of your room/s

- Has minimal furniture.
- 3/4’s of your photo focuses on the floor.

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Please note not all Choices Flooring Stores have an Inspiration Station installed.

Enter your postcode or suburb above to continue.

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Your Floor

Thanks to the Inspiration Station’s newest technological innovation, Your Floor, finding the floor you’ve been searching for has never been easier. Your Floor allows you to view over 2,000 different flooring options in your own home.

So whether you are deciding between different colours or products, you can compare all flooring options in your home before making a purchase.

To utilise Your Floor on one of our Inspiration Stations, simply follow our 3 steps and in no time you will find the floor you’ve been searching for.

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