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How to Create the Perfect Learning Space for Your Child at Home

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With the last week of January on the horizon, it’s time to dust the sand off and get ready for a new school year! To help your kids achieve, here are eight inspiring tips for creating a motivating learning space at home.

The Right Spot

If you don’t have the space for a dedicated study, find a corner in the living room, playroom or their bedroom to create a dedicated learning zone. If it’s in a shared family space, it is often a good idea to introduce Family Quiet Time where distractions are minimised.

Personalise It

When a child feels like they have ownership of a space, they will be more likely to use and care for it. So, get your kiddo involved in decorating their new learning zone, picking out supplies or painting the desk in their favourite colour.

Make it Practical

Design a space that will keep up with your kids. Choose hard-wearing materials that look great but aren’t precious.

When it comes to flooring, we think luxury vinyl is a great option. It won’t get cold in winter, and is generally softer underfoot than timber or ceramic tiles – making it perfect for little feet! Luxury vinyl is also a breeze to keep clean. If you prefer the comfort of carpet, we think you will love Solution Dyed Nylon. With stain blocking and fade resistant technology built into every fibre, it is long lasting and incredibly easy to maintain.



A well-lit learning space is a must so that your child doesn’t have to strain to see their work. Bright natural light from a window is great, while overhead or task lighting from a desk lamp is important too.

Comfortable Seating

Choose a chair with good support and adjustable height so your child can work comfortably. You might also like to create a cosy reading nook for your bookworm.


A cluttered and messy learning zone is distracting. Leave toys (unless they are educational) out of this space and encourage your child to keep their desk clean and tidy.


Get Organised

From pens and a calculator to a stapler and ruler, avoid procrastination by having all their learning tools close at hand. It’s also worth creating some sort of organisation system so they can find the supplies they need easily and put them back in the right place when they’re done.

Make the Space Magical

Hang a string of fairy lights, frame some of your child’s artwork and pop it on the wall or add a comfy beanbag chair for reading time. When a space is lovingly and meaningfully set up, children will engage and want to spend time there.

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