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Carpet for Eternity

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Solution Dyed Nylon is the fibre of choice for many homes with pets and children. When treated with stain protection it is the most durable and resistant fibre on the market. Solution Dyed Nylon carpet is perfect for heavy foot traffic areas like hallways and stairs.


What is Solution Dyed Nylon?

Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) fibres are dyed before they are woven, making the carpet stain and fade resistant to chemicals and sunlight. The ultimate choice in colourfastness, stain protection and performance SDN is very resilient, maintaining its new-appearance and colour extremely well even in heavy traffic environments. SDN is resistant to household stains making it easier to clean up spills that come with busy family life.


The fibres are anti-static, reducing the chance of any nasty shocks. Being synthetic SDN is also guaranteed to not fade or be damaged by bleach, UV degradation, mildew or insect attacks. It is also a very durable fibre which makes it resistant to pilling (or fibre shedding) of the carpet. This means fluff will not build up or be easily ripped out by your furry friends!

Consider how your family uses each room, you may need a higher stain resistant carpet for dining areas, hallways, and rumpus rooms where kids and pet feet are meandering through. Eternity is a collection of Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet that can withstand most rooms of the home.


The Eternity collection is designed to keep its sensational looks, so you can continue to enjoy its outstanding qualities for many years to come. Everyone dreads that first spill or stain, with Eternity carpet you can relax knowing that its superior stain resistance will ensure it comes up like new time after time.

The Eternity Collection features over 70 contemporary colours that will suit any family home.


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