Easy instructions to follow.

There are various tools and techniques used in restorative cleaning of triexta carpet. Mohawk offers the following procedures to help you achieve the appearance level you desire.


  1. Thorough Vacuuming
    1. To remove dry soil, meticulously vacuum using a commercial upright vacuum with a brush roller, making slow, deliberate passes in multiple directions
  2. Soil Suspension
    1. Pre-spray the appropriate cleaning agent (Common waterborne spots and spills will release easily with a mild detergent. Oil-based soil may require a solvent).
    2. Agitate the cleaning agent throughout the soiled area with either a counter-rotating brush machine or low speed (175 rpm) rotary with a soft bristle brush or plain cotton pad
  3. Wet Extraction Rinsing
    1. Thoroughly rinse the area with plain, hot water.
    2. Using dry strokes (vacuum suction only) with the wand will help to remove excess moisture. A good rule of thumb is 2 dry strokes for every 1 wet pass.
    3. Enhance drying time by using air movers allowing three to four hours drying time after last extraction before traffic is allowed on carpet
  4. Finishing
    1. Grooming the cleaned carpet promotes drying by untangling tufts and improves the appearance by eliminating any matting or crushing

DRY EXTRACTION (Absorbent Compound)

  1. Thorough Vacuuming and Pile Lifting
    1. Vacuum in multiple directions
  2. Soil Suspension
    1. Apply the cleaning compound to the soiled area
      (may include a pre-mist, depending on the soiling)
    2. Agitate with a counter-rotating brush machine to work
      the cleaning compound throughout the carpet and absorb the soil
  3. Dry Extraction
    1. Vacuum to remove the soil and dirty compound

Quick Tips

  • Equipment should not exceed 300 PSI (pounds per square inch)
  • Use caution to avoid over-wetting
  • If spots return – known as “wicking” – simply treat the area with a spot remover and paper towels to remove remaining residue