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The best flooring option for kids

When it comes to thinking about new flooring & kids a lot of people panic, thinking what’s the point – it’s going to get destroyed anyway!

Well here is my advice on choosing the right flooring for you & your family.

Ask yourself some simple questions to guide you to the best flooring choice that will suit you and your family:

  1. What type of family are you? Do you take your shoes off at the door? Are your kids always bringing the outdoors in?
  2. Do you prefer to sweep/mop (hard floor) or vacuum (either)?
  3. Do you live in a house or a unit?  (Note: if in a unit some restrictions may apply especially if you live above other people. You are best to speak to your Strata or Property Manager.)
  4. Do you prefer hard and cold or soft and warm? Or do certain rooms lend themselves to different feels?
  5. What type of person are you? Someone who worries about every little mark or scratch, or someone who isn’t bothered and let’s the kids have their fun?
  6. Are you investing in the long term or is it considered a short term solution?

Answering these questions will hopefully help you come to some idea of what best suits you and your family?

There are however some important considerations when it comes to flooring that you must remember. Darker floors will make the floor space appear smaller, where flooring much lighter than the walls may give off a feeling of overcrowding and consuming! So considering your wall colour when selecting your floor is a must. And if you are going to paint or wallpaper your walls to match your new floor, make sure you do this before it gets laid.

At the end of the day you must remember that whatever your choice kids will be kids! And let’s be honest we can all make mess! Who hasn’t knocked over a glass of red after a long day or walked through some dirt from the garden. Just remember that most mishaps can be easily cleaned, fixed or if necessary hidden.