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Creating a luxurious master bedroom

Let’s face it, as adults we all need a beautiful place to rest our head after a long day at work, a day with the kids or just to catch up on our beauty sleep!

Creating a beautiful space for this to take place, I believe is a must!

So let’s look at some simple steps to achieve this goal:

1. Flooring

When I think of a luxurious bedroom I think, warmth, comfort, pillows, blankets, mood lighting, soft under foot & maybe even a glass of wine on the bedside table.

Flooring plays a big part in creating this vibe but admittedly it also comes down to personal taste. Are you more of a carpet in the bedroom person or run the floorboards the whole way through the house kinda person?

The best thing about these flooring options is that they can provide you with a luxurious bedroom.

Go with what you like and what best suits your climate and sense of comfort.

2. Bedding

Bedding is the hero of the bedroom. You want to look at it and feel as though you just need to jump right into it!

I love the look of linen on the bed, embrace the creases & enjoy the beauty of the material itself!

3. Blankets & cushions

Layering the bed is an effective way to create depth and volume. Although not everyone has the time to layer blankets and fluff cushions, the beauty of it is that you don’t want to go for the perfect look!

To start just throw the blanket partly over the bed, and layer the cushions from big to small. This will get quicker and easier the more you do it.

4. Art

I believe art in a bedroom creates a real homely atmosphere and says a lot about you as a person. When choosing bedroom art, think about what relaxes you. Is it scenery, a text or saying, family photos/portraits, water paintings, abstract art, etc? Art is very much a personal preference, so take your time to find what is right for you.

5. Arm chair

If space allows for it, including a comfortable armchair in the master bedroom is always nice. Whether this be for sitting & putting on your shoes, to read a book, to throw your clothes over or just for looks it adds a bit of luxury to the room. It creates a feeling that allows you to relax in your bedroom and not just use it for sleeping.