The comfortable safe zone

Comfort and peace of mind are major considerations for the modern shopper when it comes to the purchasing of any home item. Thankfully when it comes to flooring, picking the right option visually can be made easy thanks to our interactive RoomView app. In some cases, it is also important to think about additional health factors and luckily Choices have all bases covered.
Our Brease carpet is accredited by the Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choices program meaning it has all the qualities that prevent build ups of home nasties. Reducing the growth of bacteria and mildew is just the beginning, with Brease also possessing amazing self-renewing, odour destroying properties.
This ensures that not only is air quality improved, but the home can also be guaranteed a fresh smelling carpet for years to come.
Whilst feeling extremely soft underfoot, the solution dyed nylon carpet option is also high in stain resistance and wear for longevity.
Gain peace of mind knowing that your carpet choice is helping the members of your family combat asthma and allergies, by choosing the Brease carpet collection. Packaged with the Dunlop Comfort CHOICE underlay (also part of the Sensitive Choice program) you can feel confident knowing you have the perfect carpet solution for your family home.
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