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Coastal Living

If you live by the water or you love a coastal look, the best way to decorate your home is to take your style cues from Mother Nature. The colours, textures and motifs of the beach translate beautifully into a coastal interior scheme. Beautiful hues of sand, driftwood and blonde grasses all make wonderful flooring tones on which to layer the rest of your decor.

When it comes to timber and laminate floorboards, look for light tones such as Plantino Engineered Oak Regal Eiger or Genero Longboard Washed Spotted Gum. The texture in these boards will also impart a natural aesthetic that will tie in perfectly with coastal style, emulating the variations found in sand. Carpet, too can be inspired by the beach.

The Eternity Rico range, for example, echoes the ripples left on the sand after the tide goes out. A beautiful loop pile such as this design also suggests an aerial view of sand dunes. All wonderfully textural and visually decorative. The heathered colours in this collection take their design cues from nature, too, with a beautiful blend of earthy hues, from the lightest Sealyham – the colour a Whitsunday beach, to Dane, a rich grey-brown, reminiscent of weathered driftwood.

On a practical level, floorboards are a breeze to maintain and will withstand the traipsing of sandy feet. Carpet will need a little more care, however the latest designs in soft nylon blends will maintain loft even in the most high-traffic areas. Whatever you choose, be inspired by the beautiful landscape you live in and you’re onto a winning interior.