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Benefits of Floorboards

With an amazing selection of laminate, engineered timber, luxury vinyl or rigid (hybrid) floorboards, they are all easy to install and have very impressive warranties, with some floorboards boasting lifetime installation guarantees!

Professionals can install floorboards quickly and for reasonable costs. Most floorboards snap together and stay in place due to a perfect subfloor however some may need more floor preparation and the floorboard will require to be stuck onto the sub floor.

And if a floorboard needs to be replaced, many are easy to be replaced in that the problem board can be replaced with a new board with minimal effort. No extra materials are needed to remove and replace old planks, which reduces the cost and is more eco-friendly.

Try RoomView to Find Your Perfect Floorboard.

Not sure what floorboard you want for your home? Laminate, Timber, Luxury Vinyl, Rigid/Hybrid? Or maybe you know what kind of floorboard look you want but you’re not sure what color would look best.

Try our RoomView feature to plan your room exactly the way you want it. There are no surprises when you use RoomView, as you will be able to see exactly how our floorboards will look in your home. Simply upload a photo of your room and try out different flooring options. And remember, floorboards are always beautifully complimented with a rug.

In RoomView you have the ability to match your favourite floorboards with rugs. 

Ready to consider floorboards for your home?

Visit your local Choices Flooring store and speak to one of our flooring consultants.